News: Gender Neutral Bathrooms And Locker Rooms

Daedalus Howell (October 25, 2017). Gender Neutral Restroom Debate Continues in Nation’s Schools. (Archive)

Kimberly Veklerov (May 31, 2017). UC Berkeley to offer gender-inclusive locker room. (Archive)

Keith Smoker (May 24, 2017). Boyertown School Board hires firm to do $8,920 study on bathroom, locker room modifications. (Archive)

Faiza Mahamud (May 15, 2017). Minneapolis adds ‘all-gender’ restrooms in city buildings. (Archive)

Izzy Rossi (May 15, 2017). All-gender restrooms now available on campus. (Archive)

Charlotte Kosche (May 15, 2017). Recreational Sports Facility to add gender-inclusive locker room. (Archive)

Amy Zimmer (May 3, 2017). All Schools Must Open Single-Stall Toilet to Help Transgender Kids: City. (Archive)

Nathan Timmel (April 19, 2017). How Starbucks Quietly Relieved the ‘Problem’ of Transgender Friendly Bathrooms. (Archive)

Travis Loose (April 5, 2017). Portland Commissioner Nick Fish to Issue ‘All-User Restroom Challenge’ Friday. (Archive)

Zeke J Miller, Katy Steinmetz (March 1, 2017). President Obama Put an All-Gender Bathroom in the White House. Trump Kept It. (Archive)

Dale Kasler (September 28, 2016). New Sacramento Kings arena hailed for transgender-friendly restrooms (September 28, 2016). (Archive)