News Articles: Academia

Amy Brennan (June 30, 2017). Md. School Security Upgrades Approved Following Alleged Sexual Assault. (Archive)

Rachel Ohm (May 24, 2017). Did school violate child’s right to pee? A mother speaks out. (Archive)

AP News Series: Schoolhouse Sex Assault

Scott MacFarlane (May 17, 2017). Rockville High Security Footage Increases Concerns About Staffing to Monitor Cameras. (Archive)

KTVU Staff (May 16, 2017). Law protects Palo Alto H.S. student convicted for sexual assault, 2 Investigates. (Archive)

Emily Schmall, Reese Dunklin, Michael Sirolly, The Associated Press (May 5, 2017). Student sex assault reports and how they vary by state. (Archive)

Christy Lewis (April 13, 2017). Stillwater Middle School Students Form ‘Fight Club’. (Archive)