Raymond Van Syckle

Lorraine Swanson (December 19, 2017). Dist. 218 Knew Employee Was An Alleged ‘Peeping Tom:’ Lawsuit. Patch.com (Archive)

Merlin F. Theriot Jr.

Martha Rose Brown (October 25, 2017). Man who molested 8-year-old boy gets 10 years in prison. Thetandd.com (Archive)

David Paterson

Shannon Houser (April 11, 2016). Man pleads guilty to molesting boy in Greenfield Walmart bathroom. Fox59.com (Archive)

Business: Walmart

Daniel Nations

Katie Cox (October 1, 2017). TIMELINE: Could Daniel Nations be connected to the Delphi murders?. Theindychannel.com (Archive Page 1) (Archive Page 2)

Richard L. Bjorgo

Glenn E. Rice (October 13, 2017). Excelsior Springs man sentenced to life plus 215 years for church restroom attack. Kansascity.com (Archive)

Glenn E. Rice (July 26, 2017). Excelsior Springs man convicted of attacking woman inside a Kearney church restroom. Kansascity.com (Archive)

Dean McDaniel

Bridget Ortigo (August 15, 2017). Judge declares mistrial in case of former Hallsville coach. News-journal.com (Archive)

Brentwood Academy Named In Multi-million Dollar Suit Alleging Rape Of Young Boy

Adrian Mojica, Kaylin Searles (August 10, 2017). Brentwood Academy Named In Multi-million Dollar Suit Alleging Rape Of Young Boy. Fox17.com (Archive)

Alleged ‘sadistic Hazing Rituals’ Lead To 13 Arrests Of Male Student Athletes In Small Texas Town

Olivia Messer (August 23, 2017). ‘This Is Not Hazing. This Is Rape’: Inside a Texas Town’s Football Nightmare. Thedailybeast.com (Archive)[1].

Katie Mettler (April 14, 2017). Alleged ‘sadistic hazing rituals’ lead to 13 arrests of male student athletes in small Texas town. Washingtonpost.com (Archive)

“The 13 suspects facing criminal charges include Colton Weidner, Christian “Brock” Roberts, and John Rutkowski, who are all 18 and members of the school’s basketball team. According to arrest affidavits, Weidner, Rutkowski, and an unnamed juvenile held down a struggling 15-year-old while Roberts raped him with a flashlight.”

“Also charged were 17-year-old Alejandro Ibarra, 17-year-old Robert Olivarez Jr., and 18-year-old Dustin Norman. They stand accused of holding down a 16-year-old boy on a bed while sodomizing him with the threaded end of a carbon-dioxide tank, according to arrest affidavits.”[1].

Patrick Aaron Middleton

Lynsi Burton (August 22, 2017). Accused Seattle hotel voyeur arrested in Texas. Seattlepi.com (Archive)

Business: Downtown Seattle Hyatt hotel

Julie Dahms

Bruce Vielmetti (April 30, 2015). Couple, ‘naked head to toe,’ accused of having sex at Waukesha library. Jsonline.com (Archive)