Sean McIntosh

Meagan Flynn (October 25, 2017). Former Houston KFC Manager Charged With Raping 16-Year-Old Employee. (Archive)

Business: Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC

Steven B. Pallett

Chad Sokol (September 22, 2017). Rape arrest suspect had long history of reported threats, violence. (Archive)

Business: Walmart

Brentwood Academy Named In Multi-million Dollar Suit Alleging Rape Of Young Boy

Adrian Mojica, Kaylin Searles (August 10, 2017). Brentwood Academy Named In Multi-million Dollar Suit Alleging Rape Of Young Boy. (Archive)

Barry Freundel

Richard Reeve (July 6, 2017). Playwright’s take on the DC rabbi-turned-voyeur hits the stage. (Archive) (Archive)

The Associated Press, Jennifer Donelan (October 17, 2014). Evidence detailed in court against D.C. rabbi accused of filming women undressing at synagogue. (Archive) (Archive)

Cyrus Sukhadia

News Staff (June 28, 2017). Former Pittsburgh police recruit accused of sexual conduct with minors headed to trial. (Archive)

Also known as Cyrus Sam Sukhadia

Clay F. Wideman

News Staff (June 17, 2017). Man Found Not Guilty on Privacy Invasion Charge – Accused of Recording in Store Dressing Room. (Archive)

Business: Target

Patrick L. Collins

David Harris (December 10, 2015). Former school security guard sentenced to 45 years in prison for fondling boy. (Archive)

Timothy Warren Vallier

John Agar (May 17, 2017). Ex-coach who recorded girls in locker room is ‘most damaged of all of us,’ victim says. (Archive)

John Hogan, WZZM (May 17, 2017). Ex-Rockford crew coach gets 22 years in prison for locker room recordings. (Archive)

Andrew Krietz, Sarah Sell, WZZM (July 12, 2016). Rockford coach charged, admits to recording girls in changing room. (Archive)

Leighton Tilford Olson

Everton Bailey Jr. (April 7, 2017). Underwear thief who secretly filmed coworkers, kids gets 15 years in prison. (Archive)