Bradley Kelley

Ashley Remkus (October 25, 2017). Pornography suspect accused of filming child in Walmart bathroom, released on $5,000 bail. (Archive)

Business: Walmart

Kenneth Lee Briggs

Chris Davis, Calily Bien (August 15, 2017). Swim company employee hid camera in locker room, owners say. (Archive)

El Verde Nguyen

Robert Salonga (August 2, 2017). San Jose: Arts teacher arrested on child-porn allegation after bathroom camera found. (Archive)

Dwayne Bradley

WFLA Web Staff (July 18, 2017). Man arrested for exposing himself in Brandon park, resisting arrest. (Archive)

Ryan Michael Herbst

Don Aines (July 12, 2017). Hagerstown-area man pleads guilty to using hidden camera in bathroom. (Archive)

Roy Sharp

WAVY Staff April 11, 2017). Virginia Police Officer Charged With Recording Non-consenting Minor. (Archive)

Mark Fowler

WCPO Staff (May 15, 2017). Ryle High School coach charged with taking photos of nude girl in restroom. (Archive)

Sarah Brookbank (May 16, 2017). Sheriff: Union man took pictures of minor in restroom, shared them online. (Archive = Unavailable)

Timeline: Palo Alto High Sexual Assault Case

Elena Kadvany (May 15, 2017). Timeline: Palo Alto High Sexual Assault Case. (Archive)

KTVU Staff (May 16, 2017). Law protects Palo Alto H.S. student convicted for sexual assault, 2 Investigates. (Archive)