Dawn Marie Krell

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Brad Lester

Tyler Estep (December 27, 2017). Former Auburn, Gwinnett football standout booked on child porn charge. Myajc.com (Archive)

Susan Seymour

Andy Jechow (October 25, 2017). Georgetown Head Start teacher accused of slapping 4-year-old boy. Kxan.com (Archive)

Merlin F. Theriot Jr.

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Eduardo Ciarelli

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David Paterson

Shannon Houser (April 11, 2016). Man pleads guilty to molesting boy in Greenfield Walmart bathroom. Fox59.com (Archive)

Business: Walmart

Christopher Hockenberry

Jesse Wells (February 23, 2017). Indianapolis man accused of soliciting sexual favors from a 6-year-old boy in restaurant bathroom. Fox59.com (Archive)

Teen Accused Of Taking Gun To St. Matthews K-8

Gene Zaleski (October 13, 2017). Teen Accused Of Taking Gun To St. Matthews K-8. Thetandd.com (Archive)

Kennard Lombard

Cjoellison (October 5, 2017). Van Buren Teacher’s Aide Accused Of Video Voyeurism. 5newsonline.com (Archive)

Cameron Shawn Franklin

Alyssa Pressler (October 4, 2017). Man allegedly had camera in Chick-fil-A bathroom. Gastongazette.com (Archive)

Business: Chick-fil-A