Brock Smith

Patrick Riley (August 15, 2017). CCSO: Naples High teacher had sex with minor, sent nude photos, lewd messages. (Archive)

Tyler Ray Berthoud

City News Service (August 10, 2017). Convicted sex offender arrested for lewd acts in Walmart restroom. (Archive)

City News Service (August 10, 2017). Man arrested, accused of lewd acts on a 13-year-old girl inside Walmart restroom. (Archive)

Corinne S Kennedy, Colin Atagi (August 10, 2017). Suspect tried to commit lewd acts on girl in Walmart restroom the day after he was convicted of sexual battery. (Archive)

Business: Walmart

Also known as Tyler Berthoud

Caitland Jared Williams

Bill Cameron (July 27, 2017). Man charged with filming women in bathroom. (Archive)

Business: Dunkin’ Donuts

Andrew James Hohn

Tom Kuglin (July 19, 2017). Helena man gets 100 years for sexually assaulting girl in health club bathroom. (Archive)

Business: Helena Health Club

Jay Quinata

John O’Connor (July 13, 2017). Plea deal may be settled in Quinata voyeurism case. (Archive)

Manny Cruz (April 5, 2017). Defendant accused of voyeurism allegedly violated pre-trial conditions. (Archive)

Hernando Tsosie

Jonathan Romeo (July 12, 2017). Cortez man suspected of peeping into women’s bathroom pleads guilty. (Archive)

Shane Benjamin (June 7, 2017). Man arrested on suspicion of peeping into bathroom at Durango Welcome Center. (Archive)

Christopher Austin Dale

Mark Walker (July 11, 2017). Charges: Man raped ‘low-functioning teenager’ in mall bathroom. (Archive)

Dressing Room Voyeurism Investigated In Bossier

Sarah Crawford (July 11, 2017). Dressing Room Voyeurism Investigated In Bossier. (Archive)

Business: Old Navy

Parents Report Man Who Spied On Daughter, 15, Chula Vista Park Bathroom

Anna Conkey, Steven Luke (July 7, 2017). Parents Report Man Who Spied On Daughter, 15, Chula Vista Park Bathroom. (Archive)

Timothy Lynn Hero

WFTS Webteam (July 7, 2017). Employee charged with sexually assaulting teen in grocery store bathroom. (Archive)

Business: Winn Dixie

Ronald Edwards

Staff, KREM (July 6, 2017). Man accused of trying to snatch 2-year-old girl at River Park Square. (Archive)

Matt Pusatory (July 5, 2017). Court docs: Man tried to grab 2-year-old girl at River Park Square. (Archive)

Charge: Unlawful Imprisonment With Sexual Motivation

Avimael Lopez

City News Service (July 5, 2017). Deportee who sexually assaulted child in Riverside restaurant sentenced to 15 years to life. (Archive)

City News Service (June 12, 2017). Cook pleads guilty to molesting girl in Riverside restaurant bathroom. (Archive)

Ali Tadayon (June 9, 2016). RIVERSIDE: Cook charged with molesting girl in restaurant bathroom (UPDATE). (Archive)

Business: Punjab Palace Restaurant

Chad Harpole Dodds

Mary Grace Eppes (June 29, 2017). Madison Co. Peeping Tom sentenced for stalking child in WalMart bathroom, touching himself. (Archive)

Donesha Aldridge (June 29, 2017). Man sentenced in case where he followed 9-year-old into Walmart bathroom. (Archive)

Business: Walmart

Cyrus Sukhadia

News Staff (June 28, 2017). Former Pittsburgh police recruit accused of sexual conduct with minors headed to trial. (Archive)

Also known as Cyrus Sam Sukhadia

Bradley Cole Irvine

Kevin Jenkins (June 27, 2017). Community Center employee pleads guilty to recording locker room. (Archive = Unavailable)

Ian Kendrick Gregory

Web Staff (June 27, 2017). Man arrested for filming woman, child in Target dressing room. (Archive)

Business: Target

Larry Bostic

Dann Cuellar (June 23, 2017). Police: Ice cream parlor owner arrested for filming teen girl employees. (Archive)

Business: Cool Breeze Ice Cream

Man Uses Cellphone To Videotape Woman In Oxford Valley Mall Bathroom

Alicia Victoria Lozano (June 22, 2017). Voyeur Snaps Footage of 13-Year-Old Girl in Mall Bathroom. (Archive)

George Mattar (June 21, 2017). Man Uses Cellphone To Videotape Woman In Oxford Valley Mall Bathroom. (Archive)

Perry D. Beaver III

Jessica Prokop (June 20, 2017). Man accused of filming co-workers in employee locker room. (Archive)

Joseph Andrew Hancock

DeWayne Patterson (June 16, 2017). Scottsboro police make arrest in ‘Peeping Tom’ case. (Archive)

Ashley Remkus (June 15, 2017). Man Accused Of Peeping In Women’s Shower Stall At Scottsboro Recreation Facility. (Archive)

News Staff (June 15, 2017). Police search for alleged Peeping Tom. (Archive)