Francis Vain

Jim Wals (August 14, 2017). Police: Woman photographed in fitting room. (Archive)

Business: Target

Joe Dowd

Times Leader (August 16, 2017). Duryea man sentenced for having child porn, filming co-workers in bathroom. (Archive)

Jose Trevizo

Joe Enea (August 17, 2017). PD: Man arrested for watching woman in restroom at Sky Harbor Airport. (Archive)

Victor Augustus

NBC 4 New York (August 11, 2017). Man Arrested in Attempted Rape in Walgreens Bathroom: NYPD. (Archive) (Archive)

WABC (August 12, 2017). Suspect arrested in attempted rape in Bronx Walgreens bathroom. (Archive)

Vincent Rios (August 10, 2017). Police arrest Phoenix man accused of spying on women in public restrooms. (Archive)

KPNX (August 10, 2017). Police arrest suspect accused of spying on woman in PetSmart bathroom. (Archive)

Nico Santos, KPNX (July 15, 2017). Police looking for peeping Tom who spied on woman at Phoenix Petsmart. (Archive)

Business: Petsmart

Richard L. Bjorgo

Glenn E. Rice (July 26, 2017). Excelsior Springs man convicted of attacking woman inside a Kearney church restroom. (Archive)

Caitland Jared Williams

Bill Cameron (July 27, 2017). Man charged with filming women in bathroom. (Archive)

Business: Dunkin’ Donuts

Jeremy Osborne

Jesse Campbell (July 20, 2017). New details emerge in secret peeping case. (Archive)

Melissa Zeiler (July 20, 2017). Woman Sets Toilet Paper On Fire In River Spirit Casino Restroom. (Archive)

Business: River Spirit Casino

Richard E. Loser IV

Adam Silva (July 17, 2017). Hanover police make arrest in connection with Target fitting room incident. (Archive)

Kaitlin Flanigan (July 7, 2017). Police Searching For Target Dressing Room Peeping Tom. (Archive)

Business: Target

Woman Jumped In Bathroom

Elaine Gavin (July 18, 2017). Woman Jumped In Bathroom. (Archive)

Hykeem Vernon Ford-Marlin

Chris Baldwin (July 16, 2017). Police: Man battered woman in restroom. (Archive)

Brandon James Dean

Andrew Ruiz (July 14, 2017). Man charged with filming female co-worker inside work bathroom. (Archive)

Brandin Glispy

Zach Despart (July 13, 2017). Former Harris County Deputy Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges. (Archive)

Darryl Bonds

Casey Donahue (July 12, 2017). Employee Charged With Sexually Assaulting Woman At Stratford UPS Facility. (Archive)

Daniel Tepfer (July 12, 2017). UPS employee charged with sexually assaulting cleaning lady. (Archive)

Business: UPS

Jeffrey Dominick Giacomini

Peter Passi (July 12, 2017). Victims Could Net $1.2m In Stalking Suit. (Archive)

Eric Shane Couch

Sarah Chaffin (July 12, 2017). Police: Man arrested for taking video of woman in tanning booth at Hot Springs gym. (Archive) (Archive)

Brian Burnham

Rachel Snyder (July 11, 2017). Jenks man arrested on domestic assault complaint. (Archive)

Andre Romelle Young

KHAL (July 11, 2017). Dr. Dre on Brutally Attacking Dee Barnes: ‘I Was Out of My F*cking Mind’. (Archive)

Diamond Alexis (June 28, 2017). Dr. Dre Will Apologize for His 1991 Bathroom Assault on Dee Barnes. (Archive)

Alan Light (August 8, 1991). N.W.A.: Beating Up the Charts. (Archive)

Also known as Dr. Dre

Andrew William Felten

The Free Press (July 10, 2017). Bathroom peeper sentenced to probation. (Archive)

Business: Spotlight Dance Company