Robert Lyzenga

Steven Porter (July 18, 2014). Ex-pastor sentenced for church bathroom voyeurism. (Archive)

Steven Porter (May 15, 2014). Ex-pastor admits to planting restroom video cameras. (Archive)

Donte Montague

Matt Adams (April 21, 2016). Police: Student used cell phone to record women showering in dorms at Indiana University. (Archive)

Zionsville Dog Day Care Owner Under Investigation; Ex-employee Claims He Filmed Co-worker In Bathroom

Aishah Hasnie (February 24, 2017). Zionsville Dog Day Care Owner Under Investigation; Ex-employee Claims He Filmed Co-worker In Bathroom. (Archive)

Daniel Nations

Katie Cox (October 1, 2017). TIMELINE: Could Daniel Nations be connected to the Delphi murders?. (Archive Page 1) (Archive Page 2)

Richard L. Bjorgo

Glenn E. Rice (October 13, 2017). Excelsior Springs man sentenced to life plus 215 years for church restroom attack. (Archive)

Glenn E. Rice (July 26, 2017). Excelsior Springs man convicted of attacking woman inside a Kearney church restroom. (Archive)

Jermaine Johnson

Amanda Castro (October 11, 2017). Leesburg man peeped in woman’s bathroom on college campus, police say. (Archive)

Aron V. Salmeri

Region 8 Newsdesk (October 9, 2017). Police arrest suspected bathroom peeper. (Archive)

‘Shaken’ Patys Restaurant Fires Employee After Hidden Camera Found In Bathroom Of Valley Favorite

Wes Woods (October 6, 2017). ‘Shaken’ Patys Restaurant Fires Employee After Hidden Camera Found In Bathroom Of Valley Favorite. (Archive)

Tim Loc (October 6, 2017). Authorities Investigating Reports Of Hidden Bathroom Camera At Popular Toluca Lake Restaurant [Updated]. (Archive)

Business: Patys Restaurant

Harold Rimblert III

Breaking News Staff (September 28, 2017). Judge cites public safety in serial peeper’s bond. (Archive)

Manesh Vislavath

Andy Jechow (September 25, 2017). Smoke shop owner accused of filming woman using restroom, assaulting another. (Archive)

John Sisson

Eric Pointer (September 22, 2017). Video voyeurism investigation leads to man’s arrest, accused of having sex with animals. (Archive)

Steven B. Pallett

Chad Sokol (September 22, 2017). Rape arrest suspect had long history of reported threats, violence. (Archive)

Business: Walmart

Oscar Patino Aguilar

City News Service (September 21, 2017). Palm Springs hotel ex-employee who put camera in bathroom pleads guilty. (Archive)

City News Service (May 23, 2017). Ex-hotel employee pleads not guilty to installing hidden camera in bathroom. (Archive)

Brett Kelman (May 9, 2017). Hidden camera found in Palm Springs hotel bathroom. (Archive)

Also known as Oscar Patino-Aguilar

Tinus Kogoya

Alicia Stice (September 18, 2017). CSU student arrested in peeping Tom case. (Archive)

Jacy Marmaduke (September 16, 2017). Peeping Tom Reported On CSU Campus. (Archive)

Brian Copilevitz

Mike Bauer (September 16, 2017). Police arrest man who robbed two women in Chesterfield. (Archive)

Jose Garcia

Amie Rowland (September 16, 2017). Man Accused of Hiding Camera in Bathroom at Elgin Business. (Archive)

Tomiere Harris

DJ McAneny (September 12, 2017). Police arrest serial Glasgow Park groper who exposed himself, grabbed women walking. (Archive)

Kosygin McNeely

Kosygin McNeely (September 10, 2017). Local woman tells how she was sexually assaulted at hospital. (Archive)

David Bailey (September 8, 2017). Man accused of sexually assaulting two women at local hospital. (Archive)

Larry Seidl

Marc Lovicott (September 7, 2017). Man Arrested Again After Entering UW Residence Hall, Taking Photos. (Archive)

Peyton David (September 7, 2017). UWPD arrests man second time for sneaking into residence hall bathroom to take photos of women. (Archive)

Bill Novak (September 1, 2017). Man allegedly grabbed woman; was released from jail the day before, Madison police say. (Archive)

Lawrence Andrea (August 30, 2017). Man arrested for sneaking into residence hall and entering women’s restroom. (Archive)

Garrett Monds

Samantha House (September 8, 2017). Liverpool man charged with recording woman in bathroom for second time in four months. (Archive)

Justine Marschner (May 1, 2017). OCC Student Suspended, Arrested After Taking Photos In Woman’s Bathroom, College Says. (Archive)