Donte Montague

Matt Adams (April 21, 2016). Police: Student used cell phone to record women showering in dorms at Indiana University. (Archive)

Jermaine Johnson

Amanda Castro (October 11, 2017). Leesburg man peeped in woman’s bathroom on college campus, police say. (Archive)

Tristen Lee Campbell

WSPA Staff (September 28, 2017). SMC student accused of recording another student, sharing video on Snapchat. (Archive)

Jay Quinata

Jasmine Stole (September 28, 2017). Man accused of secretly filming girls in shower takes plea deal. (Archive)

John O’Connor (July 13, 2017). Plea deal may be settled in Quinata voyeurism case. (Archive)

Manny Cruz (April 5, 2017). Defendant accused of voyeurism allegedly violated pre-trial conditions. (Archive)

Tinus Kogoya

Alicia Stice (September 18, 2017). CSU student arrested in peeping Tom case. (Archive)

Jacy Marmaduke (September 16, 2017). Peeping Tom Reported On CSU Campus. (Archive)

Larry Seidl

Marc Lovicott (September 7, 2017). Man Arrested Again After Entering UW Residence Hall, Taking Photos. (Archive)

Peyton David (September 7, 2017). UWPD arrests man second time for sneaking into residence hall bathroom to take photos of women. (Archive)

Bill Novak (September 1, 2017). Man allegedly grabbed woman; was released from jail the day before, Madison police say. (Archive)

Lawrence Andrea (August 30, 2017). Man arrested for sneaking into residence hall and entering women’s restroom. (Archive)

Garrett Monds

Samantha House (September 8, 2017). Liverpool man charged with recording woman in bathroom for second time in four months. (Archive)

Justine Marschner (May 1, 2017). OCC Student Suspended, Arrested After Taking Photos In Woman’s Bathroom, College Says. (Archive)

Howard Sterling Hensley II

Hayes Hickman (September 6, 2017). Man Charged With Iphone Peeping In University Of Tennessee Ladies’ Room. (Archive)

Jarod Jamale Jones

Jane Harper (July 5, 2017). Ex-TCC student accused of pulling gun on professor also charged with failing to register as sex offender. (Archive)

Ryan Murphy (July 1, 2017). After leading police on car chase, Virginia Beach man charged with pulling a gun on TCC professor. (Archive)

Staff, WVEC (June 28, 2017). Shelter in Place lifted after attempted assault at TCC Va. Beach. (Archive)

Joseph Dalesandro

Bill Bird (June 27, 2017). Naperville Man Pleads Guilty In UIC Locker Room Recording Case. (Archive)

Sarah Piccolo

The Associated Press (June 23, 2017). Judge: Woman’s Insanity Made Her Not Responsible for Fire. (Archive)

Dante Jamal Harris

Scott Berson, Chuck Williams (June 13, 2017). University upholds suspension of Columbus High grad over bathroom photo. (Archive)

Will Robinson (April 18, 2017). University student faces charges for sharing bathroom photo. (Archive)

Christopher Jarod Weathersby

Kyle Mittan (June 8, 2017). Police: Western Washington University student took photos of man in restroom. (Archive)

Qingpu Wang

Karl Etters (May 31, 2017). Police: Man made unwanted advances. (Archive = Unavailable)

Matthew Constantino

KATU Staff (May 24, 2017). Former PCC teacher sentenced to prison after hidden bathroom camera guilty plea. (Archive)

Carla Macedo Diaz (April 29, 2017). Hidden Camera Found In Rock Creek Bathroom. (Archive)

News Staff (April 14, 2017). Scappoose man charged for hiding camera in bathroom at PCC. (Matthew Constantino) (Archive)

Police Blotter: A Man Was Caught Videotaping Underneath C-building’s Restroom Stalls

Joseph McGuan (April 5, 2017). Police Blotter: A man was caught videotaping underneath C-building’s restroom stalls. (Archive)

Avery Kravet

Ken Daley (May 15, 2017). UNO student pleads guilty to reduced ‘Peeping Tom’ charge in college restroom arrest. (Archive)

Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested In BC Women’s Bathroom

BakersfieldNow Staff (May 11, 2017). Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested In BC Women’s Bathroom. (Archive) (Archive)

Gregorio Hernandez

News Staff (October 22, 2010). Police: Calif. Locker Room Suspect Used Disguise. (Archive)

Jeffrey Butterfield (October 13, 2010). Man Disguised As Woman Allegedly Sneaks Into RSF Women’s Locker Room, Takes Pictures. (Archive)

Purdue Police Investigate Report Of Man Taking Photographs In Women’s Restroom

News Staff (March 31, 2008). Purdue Police Investigate Report Of Man Taking Photographs In Women’s Restroom. (Archive)