Robert Lyzenga

Steven Porter (July 18, 2014). Ex-pastor sentenced for church bathroom voyeurism. (Archive)

Steven Porter (May 15, 2014). Ex-pastor admits to planting restroom video cameras. (Archive)

Richard L. Bjorgo

Glenn E. Rice (October 13, 2017). Excelsior Springs man sentenced to life plus 215 years for church restroom attack. (Archive)

Glenn E. Rice (July 26, 2017). Excelsior Springs man convicted of attacking woman inside a Kearney church restroom. (Archive)

Harold Rimblert III

Breaking News Staff (September 28, 2017). Judge cites public safety in serial peeper’s bond. (Archive)

Le’Angelo Wilkerson

Saundra Weathers (August 24, 2017). Tampa man accused of sexual battery of 12-year-old girl inside church. (Archive)

Dillon Jacobs

Adrienne Marie Mayfield (August 21, 2017). Ex-Virginia Beach Methodist church employee charged with filming children in bathroom. (Archive)

WAVY Web Staff (August 20, 2017). Beach police make arrest after cell phone found in church bathroom. (Archive)

Barry Freundel

Richard Reeve (July 6, 2017). Playwright’s take on the DC rabbi-turned-voyeur hits the stage. (Archive) (Archive)

The Associated Press, Jennifer Donelan (October 17, 2014). Evidence detailed in court against D.C. rabbi accused of filming women undressing at synagogue. (Archive) (Archive)

Sam Sutter

WFLA Web Staff (June 19, 2016). Youth minister’s bond increased to $100,000 after sexual battery charges. (Archive)

Carlos Antonio Chavez

Kelly Puente (July 28, 2016). Registered sex offender charged with sexually assaulting two children in Fullerton. (Archive)

Timeline: Palo Alto High Sexual Assault Case

Elena Kadvany (May 15, 2017). Timeline: Palo Alto High Sexual Assault Case. (Archive)

KTVU Staff (May 16, 2017). Law protects Palo Alto H.S. student convicted for sexual assault, 2 Investigates. (Archive)

Police Investigating Cell Phone Found In Church Bathroom

Deanna LeBlanc (May 9, 2017). Police investigating cell phone found in church bathroom. (Archive)