Francis Vain

Jim Wals (August 14, 2017). Police: Woman photographed in fitting room. (Archive)

Business: Target

Richard E. Loser IV

Adam Silva (July 17, 2017). Hanover police make arrest in connection with Target fitting room incident. (Archive)

Kaitlin Flanigan (July 7, 2017). Police Searching For Target Dressing Room Peeping Tom. (Archive)

Business: Target

Ian Kendrick Gregory

Web Staff (June 27, 2017). Man arrested for filming woman, child in Target dressing room. (Archive)

Business: Target

Clay F. Wideman

News Staff (June 17, 2017). Man Found Not Guilty on Privacy Invasion Charge – Accused of Recording in Store Dressing Room. (Archive)

Business: Target

Jonathan Gonzalez

Staff Writer (June 16, 2017). Man Arrested for Secretly Recording Women in Riverside Target Store Fitting Rooms. (Archive)

Business: Target

Michael Rivera

Caroline Grueskin (June 13, 2017). Former U.S. marshal who spied on girls, women in ND store dressing rooms finally speaks up. (Archive)

Business: Target

Christopher Paul Taylor Staff (June 9, 2017). Man accused of taking photos of customers in dressing rooms arrested, deputies say. (Archive)

KTRK (June 8, 2017). Recognize This Person? Woman Claims Man Took Photo Of Her Inside Target Dressing Room. (Archive)

Business: Tyler’s Department Store, Target

James Bradley Josey III

Lauren Hoar (June 12, 2017). Peeping tom with lengthy rap sheet accused of looking at woman in Target restroom. (Archive)

Hayes Hickman (June 12, 2017). Serial peeping Tom charged with spying in North Knox women’s bathroom. (Archive = Unavailable)

WATE 6 On Your Side staff (June 12, 2017). Serial peeping tom arrested 2nd time in a year, photos taken inside women’s restroom. (Archive)

WATE 6 On Your Side staff (February 2, 2017). Serial peeping tom arrested in Knoxville for violation of sex offender registry. (Archive)

Business: Target, Kroger, Pizza Inn, YWCA

Michael Ocenas

Elizabeth Owens-Schiele (May 15, 2017). Lake Zurich man charged with videotaping girl in store dressing room. (Archive)

Peeping Tom Incident At Bismarck Store

Sara Berlinger (May 09, 2017). Peeping Tom Incident At Bismarck Store. (Archive)