Joshua Sullins

Michelle Quesada (October 27, 2017). Joshua Sullins appears in court for CityPlace restaurant sexual assault allegation, bonds out. (Archive)

Rorn Sorn

Dan Sullivan (August 14, 2017). Selfie plus gun in bathroom at Club Lust end in six-year sentence for St. Pete gang member. (Archive)

Andre Romelle Young

KHAL (July 11, 2017). Dr. Dre on Brutally Attacking Dee Barnes: ‘I Was Out of My F*cking Mind’. (Archive)

Diamond Alexis (June 28, 2017). Dr. Dre Will Apologize for His 1991 Bathroom Assault on Dee Barnes. (Archive)

Alan Light (August 8, 1991). N.W.A.: Beating Up the Charts. (Archive)

Also known as Dr. Dre

Exclusive: Woman Describes Terrifying Attack By Two Men Outside Harlem Bar

Jim Dolan (June 29, 2017). Exclusive: Woman Describes Terrifying Attack By Two Men Outside Harlem Bar. (Archive)

Jen Chung (July 1, 2017). Video: Woman Beaten With Baseball Bat, Then Slashed Outside Harlem Bar. (Archive)

Tommy Hook

Elizabeth Walton (June 26, 2017). Tucson police searching for two suspects in assault turned homicide. (Archive)

Business: Venom nightclub

Joseph Scozzari

Andy Hodges (June 15, 2017). Sebastian Man Punches Woman Inside Bathroom At Bar. (Archive)

Levi King

Sabrina Squire (June 14, 2017). Most Wanted Wednesday: Search for suspect in South Richmond bathroom shooting. (Archive)

Business: Satellite Club

Jovan T. Gresham

Anthony Borrelli (June 9, 2017). Guilty plea in 2 shootings reversed by appeals court. (Archive = Unavailable)

Kathy Whyte (January 8, 2013). Vestal Man Pleads Guilty to 2010 Men’s Room Shooting. (Archive)

Kevin Allen Parker

Staff Reports (June 1, 2017). Spartanburg man pleads guilty to voyeurism charges. (Archive)

Scottie Kay Auton (June 1, 2017). Man pleads guilty to hiding camera in bathroom, impersonating cop. (Archive)

Kevin Allen Parker is the son of Steve Parker who is a former South Carolina lawmaker.

Business: Delaney’s Irish Pub

Christopher M. Bohatkiewicz

Deneen Smith (May 31, 2017). DJ in hidden camera case hit with new charges. (Archive)