Joe Dowd

Times Leader (August 16, 2017). Duryea man sentenced for having child porn, filming co-workers in bathroom. (Archive)

Brock Smith

Patrick Riley (August 15, 2017). CCSO: Naples High teacher had sex with minor, sent nude photos, lewd messages. (Archive)

Jeremy Osborne

Jesse Campbell (July 20, 2017). New details emerge in secret peeping case. (Archive)

Brandon James Dean

Andrew Ruiz (July 14, 2017). Man charged with filming female co-worker inside work bathroom. (Archive)

Anthony Hall

Abby Petersen (July 13, 2017). Man sentenced to 3 years for secret bathroom recordings. (Archive)

Tiffany Tan (May 25, 2017). Man pleads guilty to recording people using hospital bathroom. (Archive)

Heather Janssen (May 09, 2017). Change of plea expected from man accused of taking photos and video in hospital bathroom. (Archive)

Francis P. Lenahan

Bob Kalinowski (July 7, 2017). EMT gets probation for recording woman. (Archive)

Christopher Michael Douglas

Emily Satchell (June 22, 2017). Chesapeake man charged with unlawful filming in Virginia Beach. (Archive)

Justo Penn Leyendecker

César Rodriguez (April 13, 2017). Man accused of recording people using north Laredo bathroom. (Archive)

Christopher Esnes

Justin Zaremba (April 21, 2017). Elementary school teacher put recording device in faculty bathroom, cops say. (Archive)

Jamie Hughes

Christian Murray (April 25, 2017). NYC TLC employee, who worked out of Long Island City office, to be sentenced for recording workers using the bathroom. (Archive)

Dan Rivoli, John Annese (April 25, 2017). NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission worker to be sentenced for recording co-workers in bathroom. (Archive)

James Patrick Stanton Jr.

Susan Taylor Martin (April 3, 2017). Tampa attorney accused of secretly videotaping women offers to give up law license. (James Patrick Stanton Jr.) (Archive)

Note: Statute of limitations had expired.

Man Says Peeping Tom Took Restroom Photos Of Him At Work In Grapevine

Anjulie Van Sickle (April 5, 2017). Man says Peeping Tom took restroom photos of him at work in Grapevine. (Archive)