Robert Lyzenga

Steven Porter (July 18, 2014). Ex-pastor sentenced for church bathroom voyeurism. (Archive)

Steven Porter (May 15, 2014). Ex-pastor admits to planting restroom video cameras. (Archive)

Daniel Nations

Katie Cox (October 1, 2017). TIMELINE: Could Daniel Nations be connected to the Delphi murders?. (Archive Page 1) (Archive Page 2)

Richard L. Bjorgo

Glenn E. Rice (October 13, 2017). Excelsior Springs man sentenced to life plus 215 years for church restroom attack. (Archive)

Glenn E. Rice (July 26, 2017). Excelsior Springs man convicted of attacking woman inside a Kearney church restroom. (Archive)

Couple Caught Having Sex In Bar Bathroom, Then In Portable Potty

Stephanie Ingersoll (October 11, 2017). Couple Caught Having Sex In Bar Bathroom, Then In Portable Potty. (Archive)

Jermaine Johnson

Amanda Castro (October 11, 2017). Leesburg man peeped in woman’s bathroom on college campus, police say. (Archive)

Aron V. Salmeri

Region 8 Newsdesk (October 9, 2017). Police arrest suspected bathroom peeper. (Archive)

Harold Rimblert III

Breaking News Staff (September 28, 2017). Judge cites public safety in serial peeper’s bond. (Archive)

Matthew Schuten

News Staff (September 23, 2017). $1 million bond set for man accused of sexually assaulting 4-year-old girl. (Archive)

Brian Copilevitz

Mike Bauer (September 16, 2017). Police arrest man who robbed two women in Chesterfield. (Archive)

Robert Paul Munroe

Deborah Strange (September 5, 2017). GPD: Man groped woman in store, grabbed another in restroom. (Archive)

Business: Starbucks

Marc Wheeler

Brenda Yahm (September 1, 2017). Homeless man suspected of sexually assaulting girl at Las Vegas park. (Archive)

Carvis E. Purvis

The Times Staff (August 30, 2017). Boater charged with sex assault at store. (Archive)

John Schuler

Wes Wolfe (August 24, 2017). 3 felony cases may hinge on psych evals. (Archive)

Francesca Amiker (April 17, 2017). Sex offender accused of attacking girl in Sonny’s bathroom. (Archive) (Archive)

Also known as John Cary Schuler

Patrick Aaron Middleton

Lynsi Burton (August 22, 2017). Accused Seattle hotel voyeur arrested in Texas. (Archive)

Business: Downtown Seattle Hyatt hotel

Marqueze Bostic

Tim Barber (August 22, 2017). Man accused of National Mall crimes arrested for 3rd time. (Archive) (Archive)

Jose Trevizo

Joe Enea (August 17, 2017). PD: Man arrested for watching woman in restroom at Sky Harbor Airport. (Archive)

Vincent Rios (August 10, 2017). Police arrest Phoenix man accused of spying on women in public restrooms. (Archive)

KPNX (August 10, 2017). Police arrest suspect accused of spying on woman in PetSmart bathroom. (Archive)

Nico Santos, KPNX (July 15, 2017). Police looking for peeping Tom who spied on woman at Phoenix Petsmart. (Archive)

Business: Petsmart

Tyler Ray Berthoud

City News Service (August 10, 2017). Convicted sex offender arrested for lewd acts in Walmart restroom. (Archive)

City News Service (August 10, 2017). Man arrested, accused of lewd acts on a 13-year-old girl inside Walmart restroom. (Archive)

Corinne S Kennedy, Colin Atagi (August 10, 2017). Suspect tried to commit lewd acts on girl in Walmart restroom the day after he was convicted of sexual battery. (Archive)

Business: Walmart

Also known as Tyler Berthoud

Mary Carson Dellinger

Kevin Ellis (August 10, 2017). Woman arrested in bathroom stall dispute. (Archive)