Atiba Adams

Gary Detman (December 26, 2017). Man accused of sexual misconduct with mental health patient. (Archive)

Jonathan Oldale staff, Cori Coffin (October 27, 2017). Police: Montgomery County man arrested for secretly recording inside gymnastics club bathroom. (Archive)

Joshua Sullins

Michelle Quesada (October 27, 2017). Joshua Sullins appears in court for CityPlace restaurant sexual assault allegation, bonds out. (Archive)

Sean McIntosh

Meagan Flynn (October 25, 2017). Former Houston KFC Manager Charged With Raping 16-Year-Old Employee. (Archive)

Business: Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC

Michael Sawyer

Susan C. Schena (October 23, 2017). Officer Injured In BART-Restroom Confrontation In Fremont. (Archive)

Aloysius Albritton

Adrienne Marie Mayfield (October 20, 2017). After being accused of filming police officer urinating, man charged with sexual assault in locker room. (Archive)

Adrienne Marie Mayfield (May 25, 2017). Man accused of filming Virginia Beach police officer urinating in Wawa bathroom. (Archive)

WAVY Staff (May 10, 2017). Man accused of filming officer in bathroom of Wawa. (Archive)

Also known as Aloysius Marcus Albritton

Reese Hartstirn

Kyle Hicks (May 13, 2016). Man accused of choking 8-year-old girl in Chicago restaurant bathroom. (Archive)

Winston Banks

News Staff (September 15, 2017). Man faces charges after restaurant assault. (Archive)

Kosygin McNeely

Kosygin McNeely (September 10, 2017). Local woman tells how she was sexually assaulted at hospital. (Archive)

David Bailey (September 8, 2017). Man accused of sexually assaulting two women at local hospital. (Archive)

Dennis Lee Azevedo

Lauren Keene (September 7, 2017). Suspect in library assaults agrees to prison term. (Archive)

Also known as Dennis Azevedo