Mark Allan Nolff

Kyle Kaminski (December 22, 2017). Bathroom encounter nets warrant, Prosecutors levy sex crime charge against Mark Allan Nolff. (Archive)

Business: Denny’s

Brad Lester

Tyler Estep (December 27, 2017). Former Auburn, Gwinnett football standout booked on child porn charge. (Archive)

Merlin F. Theriot Jr.

Martha Rose Brown (October 25, 2017). Man who molested 8-year-old boy gets 10 years in prison. (Archive)

Bradley Kelley

Ashley Remkus (October 25, 2017). Pornography suspect accused of filming child in Walmart bathroom, released on $5,000 bail. (Archive)

Business: Walmart

Eduardo Ciarelli

Tracy Bloom (October 24, 2017). Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting 6-Year-Old Boy in Pico Rivera Park Bathroom Is Identified, Charged. (Archive)

News Staff (October 23, 2017). Man Suspected Of Sexually Assaulting Boy In Park Bathroom Caught By Strangers. (Archive)

Alex Race (October 22, 2017). Man Arrested After Allegedly ‘Touching’ Boy Inside Pico Rivera Park Bathroom. (Archive)

George Michael

Rich Juzwiak (October 20, 2017). Guess Which Defining Moment of George Michael’s Public Life Is Omitted In His Showtime Doc. (Archive)

Radar Staff (January 12, 2017). ‘Zip Me Up Before You Go Go’ Vice Cop Who Busted George Michael In L.A. Bathroom Still Haunted By ‘Lewd’ Act Arrest. (Archive)

Sue McAllister (April 09, 1998). Pop Singer George Michael Arrested in Restroom of Beverly Hills Park. (Archive)

David Paterson

Shannon Houser (April 11, 2016). Man pleads guilty to molesting boy in Greenfield Walmart bathroom. (Archive)

Business: Walmart

Christopher Hockenberry

Jesse Wells (February 23, 2017). Indianapolis man accused of soliciting sexual favors from a 6-year-old boy in restaurant bathroom. (Archive)

David Gray

FOX 13 News Staff (October 6, 2017). Police: Man caught raping baby in Chick-fil-A bathroom. (Archive)

Business: Chick-fil-A

Joshua Anderson

Jeff Blakeman (October 4, 2017). Man Accused of Recording Man Using Bathroom at Wexford County Rest Stop. (Archive)

Jacob Owens (October 4, 2017). Police Arrest Man Accused Of Using Phone To Record Another Man In Rest Stop Bathroom. (Archive)