Angel P. Torres Jr.

Paul Walsh (August 24, 2017). 12-year sentence for 18-year-old who raped fellow Shakopee student in boys’ locker room. (Archive)

Eduardo E. Romero

Jermy Jones (August 4, 2017). Man arrested after allegedly recording in pool locker room. (Archive)

Admin Note: Eduardo E. Romero is a citizen of Mexico. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been contacted.

Jeffrey Dominick Giacomini

Peter Passi (July 12, 2017). Victims Could Net $1.2m In Stalking Suit. (Archive)

Andrew William Felten

The Free Press (July 10, 2017). Bathroom peeper sentenced to probation. (Archive)

Business: Spotlight Dance Company

Angel Pablo Torres Jr.

News Staff (June 12, 2017). Former student convicted of raping girl in Shakopee school locker room. (Archive)

Restroom Confrontation At Foster Arend Park Leaves One Injured

News Staff (June 5, 2017). Restroom Confrontation At Foster Arend Park Leaves One Injured. (Archive)

J. Patrick Michael Rowley

News Staff (June 1, 2017). Man charged with recording child in Pizza Ranch bathroom. (Archive)

Business: Pizza Ranch

Sen. Larry Craig

The Associated Press (August 27, 2007 ). Idaho senator pleads in bathroom incident. (Archive)

Staff Reports (July 2, 2007). Idaho Senator’s Charges of Peeping and Disorderly Conductin a Minnesota Airport Mens’ Room. (Archive)

Jeffrey Dominick Giacomini

Tom Olsen (April 28, 2017). Victims confront Duluth Public Safety Building stalker at court hearing. (Archive)