Brian Kingsley

Jesse Leavenworth (October 13, 2017). Manchester Police: Man Secretly Videotaped Young Men In Locker Room. (Archive)

Jose Contreras-Torres

News Staff (August 25, 2017). New London teen charged in alleged sex assault at Grasso Tech. (Archive)

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Casey Donahue (July 12, 2017). Employee Charged With Sexually Assaulting Woman At Stratford UPS Facility. (Archive)

Daniel Tepfer (July 12, 2017). UPS employee charged with sexually assaulting cleaning lady. (Archive)

Business: UPS

James Brown

Kathleen McWilliams (June 28, 2017). Newington Settles Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Former Teacher. (Archive)

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Daniel Tepfer (June 21, 2017). Man charged with exposing himself at park. (Archive)

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Daniel Tepfer (June 19, 2017). Man accused of peeping in women’s bathroom at bus station. (Archive)

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News Staff (June 8, 2011). Teen Coerced Into Food Court Bathroom for Sex: Cops. (Archive)

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John Nickerson (April 10, 2017). Former Westport lifeguard avoids jail for voyeurism. (Archive)