Jonathan Lamont King

Staff Reports (January 4, 2018). Camera found hidden inside SC school bathroom; employee arrested, police say. (Archive)

Dawn Marie Krell

Staff Reports (December 24, 2017). Kennedy Middle School Teacher Arrested For Battering Student Who Wanted To Use Restroom. (Archive)

Justin T. Fahy

Ashley Luthern (December 20, 2017). ATF agent no longer with the agency after his arrest in women’s restroom incident at UW-Madison. (Archive)

Brad Lester

Tyler Estep (December 27, 2017). Former Auburn, Gwinnett football standout booked on child porn charge. (Archive)

Joseph Reed Jr.

David Singer (October 26, 2017). UPDATE: Superintendent speaks after alleged rape at Buckeye Local. (Archive)

Merlin F. Theriot Jr.

Martha Rose Brown (October 25, 2017). Man who molested 8-year-old boy gets 10 years in prison. (Archive)

Sean McIntosh

Meagan Flynn (October 25, 2017). Former Houston KFC Manager Charged With Raping 16-Year-Old Employee. (Archive)

Business: Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC

William Scott

Kristi Gross (August 18, 2016). LCSO returns to investigation into Fort Myers bathroom sex scandal. (Archive)

Rachel Polansky (May 28, 2016). Football star, 16, arrested in South Fort Myers sex scandal. (Archive)

WKYC, Pamela McCabe, News-Press, WFAA (May 23, 2016). Girl, 15, had sex with 25 boys in high school bathroom. (Archive)

Aloysius Albritton

Adrienne Marie Mayfield (October 20, 2017). After being accused of filming police officer urinating, man charged with sexual assault in locker room. (Archive)

Adrienne Marie Mayfield (May 25, 2017). Man accused of filming Virginia Beach police officer urinating in Wawa bathroom. (Archive)

WAVY Staff (May 10, 2017). Man accused of filming officer in bathroom of Wawa. (Archive)

Also known as Aloysius Marcus Albritton

Oscar Patino Aguilar

Jon Moreno (October 19, 2017). Ex-hotel employee accused of installing hidden camera inside bathroom withdraws guilty plea. (Archive)

City News Service (September 21, 2017). Palm Springs hotel ex-employee who put camera in bathroom pleads guilty. (Archive)

City News Service (May 23, 2017). Ex-hotel employee pleads not guilty to installing hidden camera in bathroom. (Archive)

Brett Kelman (May 9, 2017). Hidden camera found in Palm Springs hotel bathroom. (Archive)

Also known as Oscar Patino-Aguilar