Tommy Hook

Elizabeth Walton (June 26, 2017). Tucson police searching for two suspects in assault turned homicide. (Archive)

Business: Venom nightclub

Jeremy Strohmeyer

Rachel Crosby (May 26, 2017). Reflecting on Sherrice Iverson’s death, 20 years later. (Archive)

Rachel Crosby (May 19, 2017). 7-year-old girl’s murder at Nevada casino still haunts 20 years later. (Archive)

John L. Smith (June 17, 2007). Decade later, callousness of what killer did to 7-year-old hasn’t faded. (Archive)

Tom Gorman (May 28, 1997). Casino Surveillance Footage Tells Story of Girl’s Killing. (Archive)

Lester B. Broome

Chris Spolar (August 17, 1984). School Custodian Indicted on Charges Of Rape, Murder. (Lester B. Broome) (Archive)

Chris Spolar (August 17, 1984). Summer Custodian Charged In Rape-Slaying of Teacher. (Archive)

Javier Bahena-Arellano

George Houde (April 24, 2017). Man Who Stabbed Wife With Screwdriver At Hospital Pleads Guilty To Murder. (Archive)

John Anthony Morales

Michelle Valles (April 3, 2017). Father of 3 Shot Dead Inside Fontana Bar Bathroom. (Archive)

Trnity Carr

Amy Cherry (April 4, 2017). ‘They snuck me’: ‘Homicide’ of Joyner-Francis, who died on Howard’s bathroom floor, detailed in day 2 testimony. (Archive)

Amy Cherry (April 3, 2017). ‘Get her’: Emotional 1st day as courtroom video shows violent, fatal assault of Amy Joyner-Francis in Wilmington high school bathroom. (Archive)