Jermaine Johnson

Amanda Castro (October 11, 2017). Leesburg man peeped in woman’s bathroom on college campus, police say. (Archive)

Brian Burnham

Rachel Snyder (July 11, 2017). Jenks man arrested on domestic assault complaint. (Archive)

Chad Harpole Dodds

Mary Grace Eppes (June 29, 2017). Madison Co. Peeping Tom sentenced for stalking child in WalMart bathroom, touching himself. (Archive)

Donesha Aldridge (June 29, 2017). Man sentenced in case where he followed 9-year-old into Walmart bathroom. (Archive)

Business: Walmart

Dad Sues Dist. 233 Over Claims His Special Needs Daughter Was Assaulted By Student

News Staff (May 31, 2017). Lawsuit: Disabled student sexually assaulted twice in school bathroom. (Archive)

Lorraine Swanson (May 30, 2017). Dad Sues Dist. 233 Over Claims His Special Needs Daughter Was Assaulted By Student. (Archive) (Archive)

Robert Becker

Samantha Tatro (Aug 23, 2016). Registered Sex Offender Arrested for Taking Videos of Girl in Walmart Bathroom: SDSO. (Archive)

Jaspreet Kaur (March 16, 2017). Registered Sex Offender Sentenced For Taking Videos of 10-Year-Old Girl in a Bathroom. (Archive)

Jason Smith

News Staff (May 28, 2017). Man Charged In Attempted Rape In Brooklyn McDonald’s Bathroom. (Archive)

News Staff (May 25, 2017). Police: Man Tried To Sexually Assault Woman Inside McDonald’s Bathroom In Brooklyn. (Archive)

Ayinde Mahari Diop-West

Abbigail Lennon (May 17, 2017). Drug use suspected after man ignites fire in restaurant bathroom. (Archive)

Dalvin Stephens

News Staff (April 21, 2017). Police: Johnson City man assaults victim in hospital bathroom. (Archive)

Larry M. Seidl

News Staff (May 3, 2017). MPD: Man follows woman into high school bathroom. (Archive)