Winston Banks

News Staff (September 15, 2017). Man faces charges after restaurant assault. (Archive)

Larry Seidl

Marc Lovicott (September 7, 2017). Man Arrested Again After Entering UW Residence Hall, Taking Photos. (Archive)

Peyton David (September 7, 2017). UWPD arrests man second time for sneaking into residence hall bathroom to take photos of women. (Archive)

Bill Novak (September 1, 2017). Man allegedly grabbed woman; was released from jail the day before, Madison police say. (Archive)

Lawrence Andrea (August 30, 2017). Man arrested for sneaking into residence hall and entering women’s restroom. (Archive)

Daniel John Trewyn

News Staff (August 16, 2017). Madison police arrest man for peeking into bathroom stall. (Archive)

David Wayne Valdez

Lindsay Mcreynolds (August 11, 2017). Man charged with having sex in fair bathroom. (Archive)

Daniel Goralski

Bruce Vielmetti (April 30, 2015). Couple, ‘naked head to toe,’ accused of having sex at Waukesha library. (Archive)

Casey Michelle Tate

WSPA Staff (August 10, 2017). Woman accused of taking man’s money from pocket in bathroom, spitting on officer. (Archive)

Mary Carson Dellinger

Kevin Ellis (August 10, 2017). Woman arrested in bathroom stall dispute. (Archive)

John Wesley Rinehart

Catalina Righter (July 31, 2017). Westminster man arrested after alleged indecent exposure in Codorus bathroom. (Archive)

Ethan Austin Murray

Scott Lee (July 17, 2017). Man Trashes Bathroom With Feces At Dairy Queen. (Archive)

Business: Dairy Queen

Jose Guillermo Flores Colon

Caitlin Doornbos (June 30, 2017). Deputy who shot, killed man Thursday killed another in March. (Archive)

Business: RaceTrac