Jason R. Miller

Lori Comstock (August 2, 2017). Plea offer made for ex-Newton officer accused of sexually assaulting teen. Njherald.com (Archive)

Rob Jennings (May 1, 2017). Ex-cop Indicted On Charges He Sexually Assaulted Teen In Burger King Bathroom. Nj.com (Archive)

Rob Jennings (April 11, 2017). Ex-cop facing Burger King bathroom sex assault charge may be getting out of jail. Nj.com (Jason R. Miller) (Archive)

Brandin Glispy

Zach Despart (July 13, 2017). Former Harris County Deputy Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges. Houstonpress.com (Archive)

Cyrus Sukhadia

News Staff (June 28, 2017). Former Pittsburgh police recruit accused of sexual conduct with minors headed to trial. Wtae.com (Archive)

Also known as Cyrus Sam Sukhadia

Roy Sharp

WAVY Staff April 11, 2017). Virginia Police Officer Charged With Recording Non-consenting Minor. Wncn.com (Archive)

Michael Rivera

Caroline Grueskin (June 13, 2017). Former U.S. marshal who spied on girls, women in ND store dressing rooms finally speaks up. Westfargopioneer.com (Archive)

Business: Target

Anthony Minguez

Bill Gallo Jr. (May 24, 2017). Trial for cop accused of lewdness in restaurant bathroom postponed. Nj.com (Archive)

David Chang (April 10, 2017). Charges Dropped Against Off-Duty Officer Accused of Exposing Himself to 2 Boys Inside Applebee’s Bathroom. Nbcphiladelphia.com (Archive)

Michael Tousignant

Amanda Milkovits (April 24, 2017). Pawtucket officer charged in assault of Foxwoods bathroom attendant. Providencejournal.com (Archive)