Brock Smith

Patrick Riley (August 15, 2017). CCSO: Naples High teacher had sex with minor, sent nude photos, lewd messages. (Archive)

El Verde Nguyen

Robert Salonga (August 2, 2017). San Jose: Arts teacher arrested on child-porn allegation after bathroom camera found. (Archive)

Scott Kinworthy

Lauren Trager (July 23, 2017). Local teacher resigns after arrest for lewd and indecent conduct in Forest Park bathroom. (Archive)

Jay Quinata

John O’Connor (July 13, 2017). Plea deal may be settled in Quinata voyeurism case. (Archive)

Manny Cruz (April 5, 2017). Defendant accused of voyeurism allegedly violated pre-trial conditions. (Archive)

Douglas G. Ford

Tim Willert (July 10, 2017). Former Oklahoma City school district teacher accused of assaulting students. (Archive)

James Brown

Kathleen McWilliams (June 28, 2017). Newington Settles Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Former Teacher. (Archive)

Dalton Sherman

Claudette Riley (June 13, 2017). Former educator pleaded guilty to child porn, placing cameras in school restroom. (Archive)

Edited News Release From U.S. Attorney’s Office For Western Missouri (June 13, 2017). Ex-teacher’s aide admits putting hidden camera in restroom. (Archive)

Also known as Dalton Cole Sherman

George Edwin Thomas III

CBSDFW.COM (June 5, 2017). North Texas High School Teacher Indicted For Recording Students Undressing. (Archive)

CBSDFW.COM (March 9, 2017). Teacher Charged With Recording Students Undress. (Archive)

Jacqueline Capello

Brian Early (June 5, 2017). School District refutes videotaping bathroom allegation. (Archive)

Brian Early (May 23, 2017). Capello denies videotaping boy in bathroom. (Archive)

Brian Early (April 7, 2017). Suit filed over Farmington school bathroom taping. (Archive)

Dennis Hastert

Tony Scott (May 27, 2017). New Dennis Hastert accuser sues former speaker, Yorkville School District 115. (Archive)

Terrance P. Hoctor

Ngoc Huynh (May 24, 2017). Girls turned in Upstate NY teacher after alleged bathroom filming. (Archive)

Gary Craig (May 23, 2017). Details emerge: Girls turned in Webster teacher after alleged bathroom filming. (Archive = unavailable)

Timothy Warren Vallier

John Agar (May 17, 2017). Ex-coach who recorded girls in locker room is ‘most damaged of all of us,’ victim says. (Archive)

John Hogan, WZZM (May 17, 2017). Ex-Rockford crew coach gets 22 years in prison for locker room recordings. (Archive)

Andrew Krietz, Sarah Sell, WZZM (July 12, 2016). Rockford coach charged, admits to recording girls in changing room. (Archive)

Mark Fowler

WCPO Staff (May 15, 2017). Ryle High School coach charged with taking photos of nude girl in restroom. (Archive)

Sarah Brookbank (May 16, 2017). Sheriff: Union man took pictures of minor in restroom, shared them online. (Archive = Unavailable)

Keyunta Murphy

Editor (April 18, 2017). Taylor Middle-High School coach charged with second sex act with students. (Archive) (Archive)

Patricio G. Balona (April 19, 2017). Taylor High School adviser accused of sex with student back in jail. (Archive)

Christopher Esnes

Justin Zaremba (April 21, 2017). Elementary school teacher put recording device in faculty bathroom, cops say. (Archive)

Brett Christy-Hamilton

Tony Hernandez (May 5, 2017). Former PPS educator intends to sue after clearing name of child abuse, record shows. (Archive)

Aimee Green (March 1, 2017). Judge acquits Portland Public Schools employee accused of molesting student. (Archive)

Thomas Clay Hosman

Deborah Wrigley (April 3, 2017). 2 Louise ISD teachers arrested in separate incidents. (Archive)